Gummy Bears: short history of the sweetest bears of all!

It was the year 1922 when Hans Riegel, patron of the giant candy manufacturer Haribo, invented the famous colored candy in the shape of a bear. And in a moment like this when the "Bear-mania”We absolutely could not leave out the sweetest bears of all!  (click here to read our post by the way).



I "goldbar"The so-called golden bears they were inspired by the dancing bears, trained bears typical of festivals and fairs, unfortunately this custom was sadly in vogue until the 19th century.

The bears according to the original recipe were made exclusively in animal gelatin, now to meet different religions and food choices are produced only with pectin.

Impossible not to feel sympathy for these bears now an undisputed symbol of colored candy and therefore echo of our tender age.

Mini hoop earrings Gummy Bear 13,80 Euro

Absolutely in line with the desire to give a new life to objects or symbols that are connected to the past, even the Haribo bears return to the fore especially in the world of Bijoux (just think that even the influencer Chiara Ferragni decided to wear them).

Mini hoop earrings Gummy Bear 13,80 Eu


Lively and friendly we offer you i Gummy BEAR as a plexiglass charm in mini rhinestone hoop earrings in eight different colors, each of which is combined with a taste!

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